Advantage Auto Stores

Advantage Auto Stores

Since 1958, Hahn Automotive has provided top-quality automotive parts. Advantage Auto Stores, one of the 5 brands under Hahn ownership, has stores throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. Each store is near the serving warehouse. What does this mean for you? With a warehouse so close to each store, parts availability isn’t a problem. If we don’t have it at our store, we’re quick to fulfill orders.

Affordable Auto Parts Rochester NY

Providing More Than 200 Name Brands Product Lines At Affordable Prices

Top Quality Product Lines Western NY

All of our stores are backed by the reliability of the Hahn Automotive Warehouse, which means we guarantee the parts you receive are top quality. We stock more than 200 brands of parts supplied by the leading manufacturers in the industry. We also stock some exclusive national brands like Perfect Stop and Perfect View along with the competitive brand of Parts Master products. We are confident in our parts and back them with the North American Warranty Policy from Auto Value.

Whether you need brake parts, engine parts, oil, antifreeze or transmission oil, we have the products for your foreign or domestic vehicle. To find the store nearest you, use our Store Locator. If you have a question about our services, please contact us.